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Welcome to Goosewing Gallery

Welcome to Goosewing Gallery

Goosewing Gallery has been a long-cherished dream after discovering I could design and produce jewellery about 12 years ago.

Initially developing a range of pieces from silver and semi-precious stone as well as earrings from Swarovski crystal, I became fascinated about the art of framing and displaying the finished article along with by the way a piece will tell you when it is finished. This has developed even further with my new range of pieces that have been re-designed, re-defined and are now ready to love again.

Soon after discovering a love of designing jewellery, my work was accepted by Bristol’s prestigious Ginger Gallery. This, and the support of its wonderful manager, Sylvia, made it possible to approach others and over the next few years sold in galleries from Brighton to Newlyn, Eton to Hay-on-Wye. I still have pieces in Bristol’s award-winning Sky Blue Framing.

Why Goosewing?

Why Goosewing?

‘Goosewinging’ is the term for sailing downwind and is the only time one sail can cross one side of the boat while the second sail crosses the other. It is both precarious and exhilarating; the first time I did so was in Bristol Harbour outside the same Ginger Gallery that was to later take my work and feels a good metaphor for this new adventure!

In text books, the diagram for the sails when goosewinging (ie the view looking down from the top of the mast) looks like:
and over wine in a harbourside bar one evening, became the ‘G’ of both Goosewing and Gallery!

Having settled in North Yorkshire several years ago, I am very excited to be resuming this part of life as have missed it more than I realised.

Goosewing Gallery is now open again:

  • in Richmond, Victorian Market Hall on the edge of the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales
  • every day, except Mondays, between 9.30am and 4.00pm
  • with NEW & UNIQUE designs made with recycled beads that are 'Re-designed, Re-defined & Ready to Love Again'
  • and
  • classics designs made with silver and semi-precious stone or Swarovski crystal.
  • I look forward to seeing you...

For information and commissions, including re-threading, contact Carol.

Thank you to Paul White & Sue Dewhurst for permission to use their photographs.